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Cine65 Official Selection
Cine65 Best Direction Award
Cine65 Best Cinematography Award
Cine65 Best Art Direction Award
Cine65 Best Sound Design Nomination
Cine65 Favourite Actor Nomination


An elderly cardboard collector manages a measly $4.80 from selling his cardboard boxes to a recycling centre at the end of a long days work.

Barely enough money to make ends meet, he bums a cigarette from a passerby outside a hawker centre on the way back.

Hungry and exhausted upon arriving home, he is greeted by his wife and a table of simple yet comforting dishes. Warm porridge, stir-fried vegetables and a can of black bean dace.

As the couple have a honest conversation about their daily struggles, they find joy in the simplest of pleasures: sharing a “You Tiao”(dough fritter).

“一人一半” or “Two Halves” is a short film that delves deeper into the heart of the problems in lower income, elderly families in Singapore. Also, bringing to light the unrelenting harshness of reality: “When life comes down to the dollars and cents, it’s whether you see the glass half full or half empty.”


Old Man - Tuen Wai Meng
Old Man’s Wife - Pearl Wong
Recycling Center Boss - Larry Low
Passerby Smoker - Jonathan Cheok


Producer - Jonathan Cheok
Director - Jonathan Cheok
Co-Director - Braven Yeo
Writer - Jonathan Cheok
Co-Writer - Braven Yeo
Assistant Director - Aaroson Koh
Director of Photography - Braven Yeo
Camera Assistant - Ryan Yong
Gaffer - Afiq Aris
Grip - M. Nurhidayat
Art Director - Justin Mok
Editor - Braven Yeo
Sound Designer - Braven Yeo
Colourist - Braven Yeo
Location Sound Recordist - Zhuning
Makeup Artist - Vivian Ang
Production Assistant - Brianna Wai, Tay Chun Hsien

Special Thanks

Cathay Photo
Blackmagic Design
Rhino Rental
My Little Props House