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Atharyam (2018)

“ATHARYAM (The Opaque)” is a short film which portrays the typical “Opaque” mentality of our society where most people judge a book by its cover.

The film centres on two girls, and their reactions when they happen to have a chance encounter with a transgender(trans sexual) inside a shopping mall in Kerala(Southern tip of India). The movie was named "The Opaque" as the creators feel that many amongst us have lost that transparency & they hold prejudicial attitudes toward others especially when they deal with an opposite gender.

Producer: Lavanya Menon
Director: Anish Kunnath
Writer: Anish Kunnath
Director of Photography: Braven Yeo
Assistant Camera: Jovin Jose
Editor: Bibin Paul Samuel
Music & Background Score: Sidhartha Pradeep
Sound Design & Mixing: Shefin Mayan
Production Controller: Sujith KC
Production Coordinator: Thomas George
Production Coordinator: Ragesh Kumar
Production Assistant: Ajith
Production Assistant: Balaraman Kunduvara
Production Assistant: Sreenath Madhavan
Production Assistant: Archana
Poster Designer: Suhas Design Cloud
Vocalist: Sreejith Feroke