We Will Burn (2018) Trailer

We Will Burn follows Gareth, a lawyer and his encounter with his own sexuality as he struggles between his feelings as well as upholding the law.

Producer: Amanda Tan
Director: Amanda Tan
Writer: Amanda Tan
Director of Photography: Braven Yeo
Steadicam Operator: Braven Yeo
Gaffer: Braven Yeo
First Assistant Director: Camille Pasquier
Location Sound Recordist: Chia Choong Kai
Production Designer: Amanda Tan
Editor: Amanda Tan
Composer: Amanda Tan
Data Wrangler: Jonan Liang
Behind the Scenes: Jonan Liang

Keagan Kang
Jamil Schulze
Kaiden Quinn
Dharshan Nathan

Special Thanks:
Electric Lime Films

Shot on:
Red Epic Mysterium X